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Asbestos in imported building products - WorkSafe Safety Alert

Note; The National 'harmonising' Work Heath and Safety Regulations 2011 (13 Jan 2012 update) may be ratified by WorkSafe Victoria sometime in the future.

For further information refer to WorkSafe or Safe Work Australia

For individual Acts, Regulations, Codes, etc, download these PDF file documents.

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The Victorian OHS Regulations 2017, incorporate all of the Victorian OHS Regulations into one document.

Many of these Regulations have been updated, so it is important to download the 2017 Regulations and delete any previous versions of Victorian OHS Regulations.

If you don't have the free PDF file reader -

Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

Refer to the Worksafe website for the new OHS Regulations 2017


WorkSafe Victoria, Managing Asbestos in Workplaces Compliance Code 2018

WorkSafe Victoria, Removing Asbestos in Workplaces Compliance Code 2018

Dangerous Goods Order 2007

Asbestos Handbook 2008

Asbestos Fibre Release from Building Materials (ASCC)

Asbestos Contaminated Soil Guidance Note 2010

EPA 2009 Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines
Asbestos Transport And Disposal

Asbestos in soil

Worksafe - Asbestos contaminated soil - Guidance Note 2010

Asbestos in soil Regulation

Asbestos Transport and Disposal

Vic Gov Gazette Industrial Waste Guidelines

Asbestos in the home

Asbestos: A guide for householders and the general public 2012

Asbestos in the Home 2003

Healthy Homes 2002 (Includes asbestos and other hazards such as mould, etc)

Asbestos Management in the Home 2005


Hazardous Substances Code of Practice 2000

Industry Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Glasswool & Rockwool Insulation 2003

National SMF (Glasswool, etc) Standard & Code of Practice 1990

ANZECC PCB Guide 1997

Lead Paint The Six Step Guide (based on AS 4361.2-1998 Guide to lead paint management - Residential and commercial buildings)

HazChem Card



Demolition Code of Practice 2013 - Safe Work Australia


Code of Practice for safe HIGH Voltage work (Blue Book) 2005

Code of Practice for safe LOW Voltage work 2007


Prevention of Falls in General Construction Code of Practice 2004

Prevention of Falls in Housing Construction 2004

Electrical Installation on Construction Sites

Confined Space Entry Code of Practice 1997


Safe Work Australia - Managing noise and preventing hearing loss at work: Code of practice2011

Plant Code of Practice 1995

Plant Code of Practice Amendment 1

Manual Handling Code of Practice 2000

Noise Guide2005

Worksafe Forklift Safety 2006


Office Wise Guide


Guidance Note for the Elimination of Environmental Tobacco Smoke in the Workplace


Victorian Building Regulations 2006